In essence, Coaching is mostly based on the Coach's personal, evolutionary and professional experience. At the CARMA project, Coaching sessions mean clarity, empowerment, decision-making and action that will allow you to overcome obstacles and improve your life as a whole, whether at a personal, professional or relational level. 


Ricardo Beltran

Gonçalo Castanho

Core areas of intervention:

AAAA – Affirmation, Self-esteem, Attitude and Adaptation

Choices, Changes and Decision Making

(re)organization and Priorities

Managing Anxiety, Expectations and Time

Family and Loving Relationships

Couple Therapy

Performance, Career and Enterpreneurship

Personal and Professional Regeneration/Fulfillment

Balance: Personal Life vs. Professional life

Mindset, Clarity and Accountability of the “ME”

Business Coaching: Leadership, People Management and Finance

Managing Conflicts and Frustrations

Emotional Inteligence and Social Inclusion

Guidance, Empowerment and Progress

"Bullying", Adictions, Abuse and Exclusion