To move abroad is often a difficult decision mostly driven by the hope for a better, more peaceful, meaningful and prosperous life. However, a significant percentage of individuals and families end up facing enormous challenges at different levels, whether personal, family wise, linguistic, financial, social, legal or merely administrative.

The tREE Initiative has been specifically designed to provide psychological support, advice, safe-social inclusion and bespoke representation to foreign citizens and families living in Portugal, with a special focus in the Algarve region. 

The CARMA professionals in charge of  the initiative are fluent in 4 languages ​​(PT, ING, FR and ES), with a wide international experience and in-depth knowledge of the many different cultures.


Ricardo Beltran

Gonçalo Castanho

Core areas of intervention:

Psychological Support / Life-Coaching

General Bespoke Counseling

Social Inclusion and Social Cohesion (safe social network)

Couples, Family and Social Relationships

Mentoring for Teens and Young Adults

Representation in Business and Investments

Legal Referral

Admin support