Cristina Miguel (1980), Medical Psychiatrist from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Coimbra, postgraduate in Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy, Forensic Psychiatry and Clinical Research from Harvard Medical School, Boston, Reiki Master level III A and graduated in Clinical Hypnosis from Portuguese Society of Hypnosis and Motivation. She was founder and director of the Private Psychiatric Inpatient Unit “Believe”, at Hospital Particular do Algarve, and lecturer in different areas of medicine in higher education establishments and hospital units.

Cristina has a vast and recognized experience in the field of psychiatric medicine as well as in alternative therapies and, from a very early age, she wanted to understand Minds and Souls beyond science. Over the course of her life, her curiosity shaped the personal and professional path she took, with the values of peace, love and inner evolution as central elements of well-being. Despite her professional knowledge and versatility, and although she recognizes the undeniable importance of the clinical and scientific model in the treatment of pathologies, Cristina has always felt the need to expand and deepen her intervention, where the iiner world of each Being is the basis for prevention and resolution of most problems that can affect us.

Ricardo Beltran (1979), Organizational Coach with a specialization degree in Organizational Psychology from Bircham International University, professional trainer from the Foundation for the Promotion of Information Technologies and a degree in Accounting and Administration from the University of Aveiro. In an unlikely path, he was cold and starved before he joined the group of the largest international and multicultural financial institution in the world (European Investment Bank), where he became general coordinator of alternative financing projects accross all Europe.

More than any career or ambition, what has always inspired Ricardo is understanding human beings in all their dimensions. From an early age Ricardo felt the need to put himself under constant self-challenge, overcoming and evolving within different social states and cultural environments, which led him to live and work in several countries. He was the author of different press articles (humanistic nature) and developed behavioral concepts such as the “Voluntary Setback”. Today, he is a professional coach in several areas, entrepreneur, polyglot, and author of the regenerating autobiography “Grandes Escolhas”. For Ricardo, pain and failure are the key to happiness, balance, evolution and success. And the comfort zone can become the source of inner discomfort.

In the evidence that different paths can lead to the same destination, Cristina and Ricardo found in their individual essence and in the maturity of their professional and personal lives, the common points that brought the CARMA ptoject to life. An innovative and inclusive project, with a multidimensional and multicultural which embraces and responds to the deepest needs and difficulties of human lives, relationships and organizations.

"Without fear, courage is nothing".