Our body, talks.
Our mind, thinks.
Our soul, feels.


Welcome to your regenerative path.

At the CARMA project we proudly assume an innovative, inclusive and universal approach, which combines cientific methodologies with innovative programmes which go beyond conventional therapies.

This is our contribution to a healthier and happier world, taking care of the 3 human pillars: Body (biology), Mind (thoughts), and Soul (feelings).

“Everything has a purpose when we are the main reason".

Clinical Psychiatry

(Teenagers and Adults)

Traditionally, Clinical Psychiatry focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of...
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Clinical Psychology

(Teenagers and Adults)

Clinical Psychology is a widely recognized and reliable tool when it comes to...
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General Practice/Family Medicine

(Children, Teenagers and Adults)

General Medicine is the basis of all specialized medical sciences and is, for...
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Facial Aesthetic Medical Procedures

At the CARMA project we contribute for inner and facial smiles! Contact us to...
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(Teenagers and Adults)

In essence, Coaching is mostly based on the Coach's personal, evolutionary and...
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Complementary Therapies

(Teenagers and Adults)

Historically, health and well-being are connected with natural procedures that...
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CARMA Programs

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Expact Community - tREE Initiative

To move abroad is often a difficult decision mostly driven by the hope for a better, more peaceful, meaningful and prosperous life. However, a significant percentage of individuals and families end up facing enormous challenges at different levels, whether personal, family wise, linguistic, financial, social, legal or merely administrative.

The tREE Initiative has been specifically designed to provide psychological support, advice, safe-social inclusion and bespoke representation to foreign citizens and families living in Portugal, with a special focus in the Algarve region. 

The CARMA professionals in charge of  the initiative are fluent in 4 languages ​​(PT, ING, FR and ES), with a wide international experience and in-depth knowledge of the many different cultures.

  • Individual consultations/sessions

    It allows for a bespoke approach, incliuding individual care, but also couple, family or executive sessions.
  • OMNI consultations/sessions (group)

    In which small groups of people with common challenges, problems or interests are moderated by CARMA professionals, with the aim of promoting interactions that inspire for change and evolution of individuals, relations and organizations! Moreover, by doing so we stimulate social cohesion and inclusion, lowering lonliness and solitude indicators. (programs on request).

    The OMNI appointments/sessions (group) can take place at our Countryhouse “almóada - Eclectic Boutique Home”, located in São Brás de Alportel.

  • Remote consultations/sessions (video call or phone call)

    Available in individual session/appointment format, in case of impossibility of travelling to our premises. 

  • DOMUM consultations/sessions (at home)

    Available in individual and group session/appointment format, for exceptional cases.


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